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Trinidad Carnival 2016 Fete Schedule

Disclaimer: provides information about events as a service to both the promoters and visitors. Inclusion in this website of event information does not constitute an endorsement or a recommendation. cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the event information nor for any injury or loss that may occur to those who chose to attend an event. Although reasonable efforts are made to ensure the information provided is accurate, recommends that you call the promoter or visit their website before attending its event to confirm the date, location, and other details.


Trinidad Carnival 2016 Fete Schedule


Friday Jan 1, 2016
Tobago Love All-Inclusive - Tropikist Beach Hotel & Resort, Tobago, 4pm-11pm


Saturday Jan 2, 2016
TRIBE ICE Cooler Fete - Jean Pierre Complex
Fantasy Saturday - Cooler Fete @ Queens Park Oval
Aurora Breakfast Fete - The Anchorage, 4am


Sunday Jan 3, 2016
Soka In Moka - Trinity Courts, Maraval, 4pm
Aurora Breakfast Fete - Anchorage, 4am
Finesse Ultra Premium All-Inclusive - La Vega Estate Poolside, Grand Couva, 4pm-10pm


Saturday Jan 9, 2016

Black 2 Blue Breakfast Fete - Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva, 1am-8am
Evolve All-Inclusive - Evolution Park, Chaguanas, 5pm-Midnight
Stumped Cooler Fete - The Oval, 9pm-3am


Sunday Jan 10, 2016
- Tallman Foundation Cocktails & Cornsoup 4 - Drink Lounge - 63 Rosalino St, 4pm
- Caribbean Colour Splash - Skinner Park, San Fernando, 3pm-7pm
- Zéle Carnival - North Coast Road, Maracas, 4pm-10pm


Friday Jan 15, 2016
OUT In South Cooler Fete - S.A.P.A., San Fernando, 10pm-4am

Saturday Jan 16, 2016
Fete With The Saints - CIC All-Inclusive - St. Mary's College, 5pm
Old Hilarians All-Inclusive - Bishop Anstey High School, 5pm
Resurgence All-Inclusive - Point-A-Pierre, 5pm
Fire Fete - Hasely Crawford Stadium, 10pm


Sunday Jan 17, 2016
Prestige All-Inclusive - Presentation College - San Fernando, 4pm
Yorke All-Inclusive - Trinity College East, Trincity, 5pm-Midnight


Saturday Jan 23, 2016
Rise N Roast - Bayview, Maracas, 4am-10am
Fete Royal - QRC All-Inclusive - QRC Grounds, 5pm
Ladies Night Out - Hasely Crawford Stadium, 9pm
Battle of the Sexes - Jean Pierre Complex, 7:30pm


Sunday Jan 24, 2016
AM Naked Breakfast Cooler Fete - Chaguaramas, 3am
UWI All-Inclusive - UWI Grounds - St. Augustine, noon-8pm
- National Panorama Semi-Final - Queens Park Savannah, noon
OWTU All-Inclusive - San Fernando, 4pm-11pm
Prime Fete - Hilton Poolside, 5pm


Friday Jan 29, 2016
Soca On D Hill - Calvary Hill, Arima, 9pm-4am 
Army Fete - Queen's Park Savannah, 10pm-5am
Soca 4 U All-Inclusive - Trinity College East, Trincity, 9pm-4am
Misty Ridge Cooler Fete - Jean Pierre Complex, 9pm
D Roll Call - Arima Velodrome, 9pm


Saturday Jan 30, 2016
Blue Flame All-Inclusive - Blue Range Courts, 4pm
Sahara Carnival - Breakfast Party - Maracas, 11:30pm
- Fatima All-Inclusive - Fatima College Mucurapo Road, St. James, 5pm-midnight
Central Bank All-Inclusive - Eric Williams Plaza, 7pm
- South Cancer All-Inclusive - San Fernando
Mirage BGSC All-Inclusive - O2 Park, 7pm
- Chutney Soca Monarch Finals - Skinner Park, San Fernando, 8pm
Gulf All-Inclusive - Coral Drive, Gulf View, San Fernando, 6pm-2am
Chutney Brass - Guaracara Park, Point-A-Pierre, 7pm
Mendez Drive Carnival Fete - Diego Martin, 10pm-4am
Inception Cooler Cruise - Harbour Master, 7pm
Frazzled Saturday


Sunday Jan 31, 2016
- Soleil Breakfast Fete
- Addiction All-Inclusive Breakfast Party - SW Ltd. Compound, Arima, 4am-noon
Feting Tigers (St. Anthony's All-Inclusive) -  St. Anthony's Grounds, Westmoorings, 4pm-11pm
Mai Tai All-Inclusive - 4pm-midnight
Flight Cruise Cooler Experience - Ortinola Estate, Maracas Valley, 3pm
Faces All-Inclusive - Chaconia Terraces, Maracas, St. Joseph, 4pm
Different All-Inclusive - Kairi Kourts, 6pm-Midnight


Monday Feb 1, 2016
Machel Monday - Haseley Crawford Stadium, 8pm-2am


Tuesday Feb 2, 2016
Plan B Breakfast Cruise - Harbour Master, 3am
- National Senior Queens & Kings Semi-Finals - Queens Park Savannah, 7pm
Fall Out All-Inclusive - Queens Park Oval, 6pm-12am
Boycott - North Valsayn, 2pm-9pm
- Vale Cooler Fete - 3pm-10pm
- Carnivale Sushi & Soca - Hilton Poolside, Lady Young Road
Islandstyle Flash - Pier 1, Chaguaramas, 10pm-4am
Tuesday On The Rocks, KES Concert - O2 Park, 7pm
Splash Cooler Cruise - Harbour Master, 8pm


Wednesday Feb 3, 2016
Scorch DDI Cooler Cruise - Harbour Master, 4pm
Break Biché Drinks Inclusive - O2 Park, Chaguaramas, 5pm-Midnight
- Little Carib Authentic Carnival - Little Carib Theatre, White Street, 1pm-4pm
- LIME All-Inclusive - Hyatt Regency Hotel, Wrightson Road, 4pm-midnight
Plan C All-Inclusive - Queens Park Savannah, 4pm
Dejavu All-Inclusive - Jamboree Park, Valsayn, 6pm-1am
We Wednesday - The Oval, 10pm
Fete In D Bowl - Naparima Bowl, 9pm


Thursday Feb 4, 2016
The Morning After Cruise - Chaguaramas, 3am-8am
- A.M. BEACH - 4am-10am
Michael Headley All-Inclusive - Playa Del Este, Salybia, 1pm-8pm
Beach House All-Inclusive - Tracking Station, Chaguaramas, 2pm-10pm
Stranded By The Pool - Centre of Excellence, Macoya, 10pm-4am
- Momentum - O2 Park, Chaguaramas, 10pm-4am
Cest La Vie All-Inclusive - Maracas, North Coast Road, 2pm-10pm
TRIBE Thursday - Stadium Training Field, 10pm-5am


Friday Feb 5, 2016

- Candy Coated Cruise - 11am-3pm
- Camboulay Re-Inactment - Picadilly St, POS
- National Senior Queens & Junior Kings Finals - Queens Park Savannah, 7pm
- Int'l Soca Monarch Finals - Haseley Crawford Stadium
Silent Morning - Ancorage Beach Club, 7am
Bright Colours & Coolers Cruise - Coral Vision, 3pm
Sucre Cruise - Harbour Master, 3pm-7pm
Phuket Drinks-Inclusive @ Pier 1, Chaguaramas, 2pm-10pm
- Rise Cooler Fete - The Oval, 9pm
Blue Range Cooler Fete - Blue Range Courts, 10pm-4am
Le Barge Cooler Fete - Chaguaramas, 2pm-11pm
- Cocoa Devilz Bayview Cooler Fete - Maracas, 2pm
Duck Work! Scorch Carnival Friday 
- Frenzy Boatcruise - Pier 1, 1pm
- YUMA Farenheit
The Welcome Fete


Saturday Feb 6, 2016
- Republic Bank Jr. Parade of the Bands - Adam Smith Square, 7am
Caesar's Army A.M.Bush (Alternative J’ouvert) - 3am
Buenos Dias Breakfast Fete - Treasure Queen, Pier 2, 8am-noon
SUITS Cruise - Harbour Master, 7am-noon
SS Wassy Cruise - Coral Vision, 7pm
Ultimate ONE All-Inclusive - Igneri Road, Valsayn South, 5pm-1am
cANYAval All-Inclusive - 6 Scott St, St. Clair, 5pm
National Panorama Finals - Queens Park Savannah, 7pm
Scorch Saturday Drinks-Inclusive
NEON (Yuma Fete) - St. Augustine Rotary Club, 10pm
Jamboree Cooler Fete - The Oval, 6pm
Utopia All-Inclusive - 4-6 Sweet Briar Rd, St. Clair, 5pm-11pm
IslandStyle Insomnia Breakfast Fete - O2 Park, Chaguaramas, 11pm-11am
Soca Brainwash Drinks-Inclusive - Fatima Grounds, Mucurapo Road, 11am-5pm


Sunday Feb 7, 2016
ValeVibe Breakfast Fete - The Greens Drew Manor, Santa Cruz, 4am-noon
Sunnyside Up Breakfast Fete - Wendy Fitzwilliam Blvd, Diego Martin, 4am-11am
Shades Breakfast Fete - La Soledad Estate, Maracas St. Joseph, 4am-Noon
Full View Breakfast Fete - Naparima Bowl, 5am-11am
Double UP Breakfast Fete - 105 Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook, 4am-11am
Breakfast Is - National Stadium Carpark, 4am-11am
Luxx - Hilton Poolside, 2pm
Roast Cruise - Harbour Master, 6pm
UV Vibes Drinks Inclusive - Chaguaramas, 4pm-11pm
- UP Breakfast Party
- Fete for the Arts - Queen’s Hall, 1-3 St. Ann’s Road, 2pm-8pm
- Brian Lara All-Inclusive - Chancellor Hill, Queen’s Park West, 3pm-11pm
- Moka Sunday - St. Andrews Golf Club, 2pm
Mania 10 Drinks-Inclusive - Country Club, Maraval, 10pm-4am
- Dimanche Gras - Queens Park Savannah, 7pm
- ASTRA All-Inclusive - Centre of Excellene, 4pm
Beach House Cooler Fete
- Mimosa All-Inclusive


Monday Feb 8, 2016
- J'Ouvert 
- Carnival Monday Mas


Tuesday Feb 9, 2015
- Carnival Tuesday


Wednesday Feb 10, 2015
- Ash Wednesday Beach Lime - Mayaro Beach, 9am
Wine Down Cooler Cruise - Nylon Pool, Tobago, 2pm-7pm
Afterblast - West Palm Hotel, Chaguaramas, 3pm-10pm
Baewatch - O2 Park
- Lazy Daze - Crews Inn, 1pm
- Offshore - DDI Cooler Fete - 3pm

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