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Meet our Soca Olympians
As competition to reach the first Soca Olympic Games in Trinidad and Tobago heats up, as we take a look at some of the athletes who have booked their place.
Olatunji - As the reigning Groovy Soca Monarch champion, Ola is looking forward to capturing the double with the help of his Soca Gold Medal team members this season.
After testing positive for performance enhancement drugs which brought too much vibes, he is in the clear again and has vowed to show his consistency year round. His team mates look forward to a strong start while chanting (Ola!!!) (Repeat x 7).
5 Star Akil - Joining the team with an astronomical performance and title of 'Mr. Consistent' after returning from his South East Asia tour. He has done some deep soul searching, the stars have aligned and he emerges with a whole different side. Totally driven by a bottle of rum & friends we can expect that he won't let down his team mates.
Preedy - At this time, Preedy turns up drunk as the reigning whining champion. He brings, a new element to the team, Rum Drinking to wash "Away away" the woes. As he looks to take the break through soca artist title this season, the team coach remains optimistic about the young prospect's chances.
Sekon Sta - Current break through artist Sekon Sta stays focused as his endorsement deal remains intact going into the new season. It is rumored that his mom shall return to the big stage for emotional support. This year, negotiations for an increase in salary would ensure that she continues as his 'best' asset for him and his team.
Shradah - The Anchor. The lone female has much kudos to gain as she holds the team together. With a bumper like that, she cannot be held back.
After a short stint at whiner - holics synonymous (W.H.S) she's fully focused & concentrated on finishing big for the team.
Shradah - Doh Hold Meh back.
Written By: Jabulani, Shradah and Anson
Preedy - Turn Up.
Written By: Akeem 'Preedy' Chance WEMAD
Sekon Sta - Pressure (Gimme That Wine).
Written By: Sekon Sta and Preedy
5 Star Akil - Tuh Night
Written By: Akeem 'Preedy' Chance WEMAD, Jovan James and Asten Issac
Olatunji - Seasonally
Written By: Asten Issac
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