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Posted by Time2Lime
Trinidad Dancehall Newbie Makes Impact In Jamaica Despite T&T Carnival Hype
In 2015 several of Trinidad and Tobago’s young, aspiring superstars will make their presence felt on the Caribbean music circuit. Honored to lead the way is a producer and vocalist who goes by the name, Lawless. Already, his name is buzzing in Jamaica- the island of dancehall and reggae, a place where Lawless says his brand of dancehall- inspired music, is receiving salutation.
Shane Howell’s been on the grind- making every effort to fulfill his musical mission. Even amid T&T’s carnival hype, he continued to work on his dancehall styles and even with his countrymen engaged in wild soca abandon, Lawless made the decision to release, “And Yuh”- a dancehall track that would hit Jamaica and make eyebrows raise.
“It’s not easy for artistes who want to deliver a different sound, other than the soca sound, in Trinidad. I like soca music, but I sing dancehall. It’s pretty simple. It’s just what I’m good at,” he defended. Lawless pointed out the fact that for the past four months, the airwaves in Trinidad and Tobago have been completely consumed with soca releases. “At carnival time, for artistes like me, there’s no chance of being heard. You can’t release non-soca tracks during that period but it’s understandable so we just work around it. We can’t stop because to stop would mean putting ourselves at a disadvantage in comparison to the work other dancehall artistes are doing,” explained the young up and comer.
The new single, ‘And Yuh’ has managed to get some pretty good reviews in T&T, in the aftermath of Carnival however, and for that Lawless is really thankful. “It means a lot when the people here at home approve of your music. That support is really needed,” he said, telling of the song’s energetic and contagious vibe that’s being lapped up by the ladies, to say the least.
On the Jamaican dancehall circuit, the Trinidadian artiste has used his networking skills to build relationships with fellow Jamaican entertainers like Charly Black, Sheba, Sizzla Kolonji and others and on that side of the Caribbean, he’s been gaining some popularity with the help of several well known party promoters who’ve been exposing him to the streets of Kingston and other urban communities. “I’ve seen first hand, how hard these Jamaican entertainers work to promote themselves and how hard their teams work. It’s really inspiring,” said Lawless.
Now, with the aim of consistently releasing new dancehall anthems, Lawless is teaming up with producers from Jamaica. Most recently, he worked with Stickley Productions on a single called, “Vybz Tonite.” The track sits firmly on the Beionce Riddim, which also features Jamaica’s Macka Diamond, TOK, QQ and several other acts. “It’s a pleasure to be a voice on a riddim that features these artistes,” said Lawless. “I’m young in the game so any opportunity to show off what I have to offer, is a great opportunity.”
A video for the new track is currently being finalized. He believes in offering fans a visual understanding of every song’s lyrical make up. “That’s the only way they’ll understand just what I mean with every word I sing,” he said. In the interim, Lawless is calling on his home team in T&T to listen out and look out for him. “Support is tantamount to success but I’m guaranteeing that even if the support at home never comes, I’ll be successful and still rep for T&T when it’s all said and done because Lawless is a product of this twin island paradise.”
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