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Posted by Time2Lime
Patrice Roberts Releases Official Video For Ah Feeling Mehself
"A tiger doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep." -Shahir ZagSoca songstress Patrice Roberts has released the official video for her groovy hit single 'Ah Feeling Mehself.'
The sexy singer/songwriter/performer continues to push the creative envelope as she embraces her sexiness which is depicted in this video release.  "As a female I am quite familiar with self-doubt but I have learnt that loving your flaws and imperfections is the best gift you can give to yourself" said Patrice.
Throughout her career, Patrice has learnt that the most powerful words are those that you say to yourself. For her, 'Ah Feeling Mehself' is a song that is mainly for women to invoke self acceptance and self-love which is lacking for many. As Patrice continues to eliminate any unnecessary docile traits Patrice she publicly shares that "I became a Tiger, very fierce and headstrong and I have no time to worry about what and be distracted by people and things with no significance."Patrice's unwavering confidence is one contributor to her sexiness.
While many may question the characteristics of sexiness Patrice believes that it is an attitude that begins internally and emanates externally. She is certain that every woman is sexy in a unique and special way. 
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