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Posted by Time2Lime
Kerlz is all set and ready for her 2nd release for Carnival 2015, Canboulay
After stirring up quite a buzz with her first release for 2015  "Start It', she anticipates that her second contribution would move fetters and masqueraders into a spirit of jubilation and freedom after waiting a whole year to let loose to the Soca music.
The Canboulay, which originated from part of Trinidad's history in 1881, where the descendants of freed slaves on the islands of Trinidad & Tobago formed "Canboulay Riots" against attempts by the British police to crack down on aspects of the celebration of Carnival. The "Canboulay Riots" are an important part of the history of Trinidad and Tobago and are still celebrated today as Carnival.
"It is an expression of Freedom displayed by thousand of masqueraders for 2 days with pulsating rhythms in a triumphal parade. Its also that exhilarating feeling that people experience when its time to go to fetes and parties across the country for the Carnival celebrations. The music, the excitement, the energies! This is the time we've been all waiting for! Our time!! The time to express our passion for Carnival and Soca Music....Time to 'Lay Lay Canboulay'." - Kerlz
The Song was penned by Jason Shaft Bishop and produced by D Vibez House Studio with additional Production by: Darien Bailey of Studio B in Barbados & KesKeyz of the Asylum Vikings Band. It was all wrapped up by Nikholai Greene who Mixed & Mastered it.  
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