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Posted by Time2Lime
Precision Productions and Hashim give you a Sweet Carnival for 2015
Sad is the man who has never tasted the sweet nectar, the liberating sensation, the true freedom that is Carnival. Even sadder still is the man who has tasted it, and must live the rest of the year in a state of Tabanca; impatiently awaiting the return of the Greatest Show on Earth! For British Virgin Islander, Hashim, this Tabanca has proven to be a recurring sickness for which there is no cure.
In this groovy soca ballad produced by Precision Productions, Hashim sings to the Carnival season as if to a lover whom he has lost, and cannot do without, as if the season of bacchanal itself is as vital to him as breath in his lungs.
"Sweet Carnival", Hashim's second release for the 2015 Trinidad Carnival season, is dedicated to the true soca lovers of the world. Those who know all too well the year long wait for those two magical days of masquerading through the streets with friends and strangers alike, when bacchanal becomes the norm and the troubles of the world drift away to the sound of sweet soca music!!!
Hashim - Sweet Carnival
Performed by Hashim Lewis
Written by Maria Fraser & Hashim Lewis
Produced by Kyle Phillips
Mixed and Mastered by Precision Productions
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