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5 Star Akil releases Noise for Carnival 2015

5 Star Akil has done it again with the release of his first single for
Carnival 2015, 'Noise'. The new release comes at the height of the artiste's
success following Carnival 2014.

'Noise', which will be officially released today, was written by Jovan James
of Futuristic Jam and produced by Nikholai Greene and Alex Barnwell
Kubiyashi of Bass Gang and Kyle Joseph of Futuristic Jams.

Latin Grammy award winning mixing and recording engineer and producer
Franklin Rodríguez, aka El Medico Mixed and mastered the song. Rodríguez won
a Latin Grammy and earned himself a Grammy nomination as an engineer on the
Daddy Yankee album, El Cartel: The Big Boss, in 2007. He has done work for
artistes such as Don Omar, Tego Calderón, Voltio, Notch, Arcangel, Angel y
Khriz, Caribbean Connection, Jimmy Flavorr, and Gocho.

Best described as an organic soca composition fused with pop music, 'Noise',
expresses the versatility of 5 Star Akil. As an artiste, 5 Star Akil
continuously challenges himself to contribute in innovative ways to the art
form. Through music he has been able to connect with various social strata,
establishing a diverse fan base of young, old and middle aged persons. He
strongly believes in the power of music, paying particular attention to the
potential and actual impact of his creations. Producing feel good, positive,
innovative music is his aim, while representing and strengthening his brand
locally, regionally and internationally.

In 2014, he expanded his horizons with the success of "Never Done" featuring
Nadia Batson and "To My Heart". The popular song marked a transition in 5
Star Akil's soca career, catapulting him to new heights and placing him
firmly in the ranks of top-drawer artistes.

For all of Carnival 2014, Borneo was a staple at fetes and post­ Carnival
saw him traversing the world with his party anthem. In the past six months 5
Star Akil has performed at several venues in Europe, North America and the

5Star Akil is now seeking to further establish his brand with the launching
of merchandise. For Carnival 2015, look out for his posters,
T-Shirts, Caps, Wrist Bands, Key Chains and other branded items.

The artiste will be releasing Music video for for both of his singles. All
of his releases will be available online for purchase and the full version
will be available on SoundCloud.

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