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Fay Ann drops Birthday Raze
Fay Ann Lyons dropped a new track on her birthday yesterday called “Raze”.  Like her 2014 hit Catch Me, “Raze” is an EDM-inspired song which shows off Lyons’ strong vocals.
Raze, as well as Doh Fraid, which she released a few weeks ago, will be on her VP Records Soca Album which is scheduled to be released in February. Under her deal, Lyons will be releasing two albums. “This song was written last year to be released, but I decided to run with “Catch Me” because I finished that one first,” Lyons told Looptt.
Speaking about the song, Lyons said her research showed that the word raze is a British slang for demolish and mash up. The challenge, she said, was finding a way to mash up the place without saying mash up the place.
“I thought I would just use the atmosphere of raze and still use the effect of raise your hands,” she said. Lyons plans to release ten songs for Carnival 2015 and she assured she will still be doing her “hardcore, traditional, up in yuh face power soca and take a lil wine groovy soca.”
With “Rave”, she wanted to continue the vein she started with “Catch Me”, which garnered her an appearance on BET’s 106 & Park as well as airplay on urban radio in the US. “I struck a positive chord with key people outside, I wanted to keep that going,” she said.
Speaking of her international career, Lyons revealed that her Twitter handle Aza Sefu is the name she is pushing for non-soca projects. “It started as a concept and internationally people started liking it… it went with the hairstyle and look,” she explained.
She added: “It gives me ability to do stuff I can’t do with soca. If I decide to do a R&B, from the time people here Fay Ann doing R&B it will be met with negativity. My idea is to come up with a persona where I have the freedom to come up with anything I want.”
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