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Posted by Time2Lime
Precision Productions and Skinny Fabulous are Going Off for Carnival 2015
To the uninitiated looking on, the teeming mass of bodies acrobatically flexing against each other in a fete may seem like pure chaos.
However, in the ebb and flow of this wave of humanity, barriers fall, divisions dissolve, and everyone embraces "Going Off" into absolute freedom.
Impossible to ignore, the undulating melodies of this track are a result of Precision Productions' novel vision to amplify the reach of Soca by honouring its roots even as new interpretations are blended in.
Jovan James of Futuristic Jams works with the team on this one, creating a story with his words that shares an intimate view of the uninhibited feelings experienced in this wash of revelry. Eagerly giving voice to this combination is the dynamic Skinny Fabulous who adds his distinctive narrative along with an edgy but magnetic expression.
As Carnival 2015 surges even closer this release pulls listeners to participate in the genius of our collective madness when we flood the streets worry-free, flagrantly flaunting the wonder and beauty of this festival so aptly called the greatest show on earth.
Skinny Fabulous - Going Off
Performed by Gamal "Skinny Fabulous" Doyle
Written by Jovan James of Futuristic Jams, Gamal Doyle & Kasey Phillips
Additional Vocals by Karyce Phillips
Produced & Mixed by Precision Productions
written by Mystie Thongs
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