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Posted by Time2Lime
Precision Productions brings the heat with the Ignition Riddim!
Never let it be said that Precision Productions does not know how to rouse that erotic heat, which goes hand in hand with TnT's Carnival revelry.
In fact the team is now well known for flaring desires, by gathering flawlessly combustible materials together and applying a patented melodic jolt to ensure "Ignition".
K.Rich initiates this tuneful sizzle as he expresses his longing in song, using salacious words from Josiah St. Lewis-Noray, for the tempting young lady in his line of sight to finally "Come Over" and fulfill the heated promises her supple movements have made.
Men can certainly attest to the heightened temperatures experienced during this season, and some like Akeem "Preedy" Chance spend all year "Dreaming" of the time when they can finally live out their fantasies. He has cleverly captured these torrid emotions alongside his writing partner Stephanas "Steffy" Ramgattie of WeMAD in this single.
Meanwhile in his first release with Precision, Flipo seductively executes an appreciative tribute to the women of our islands, who make all men "Sweat" whenever this music takes them over. The candid song was written by Jeremy Jacob in conjunction with Seumas "Flipo" Callender himself, and reveals exactly why moisture levels are always on the rise this time of year.
She is the only lady on this riddim but Destra Garcia, the proclaimed Queen of Bacchanal holds her own and delivers pure unrestrained lightning. The soul-baring lyrics by Akeem "Preedy" Chance and Stephanas "Steffy" Ramgattie of WeMAD, work in harmony with Destra's vocals to reveal that women too are susceptible and lose their ability to "Breathe" in the face of ever present masculine charm.
This may be Precision's first riddim release however, if this start is any indication the team is clearly keen on keeping things smoldering all Carnival 2015 long.
K.Rich - Come Over
Performed by Kenneth "K.Rich" Richards
Written by Josiah St.Lewis-Noray
Additional Vocals by Karyce Phillips & Josiah St. Lewis-Noray
Preedy - Dreaming
Performed by Akeem "Preedy" Chance
Written by Akeem "Preedy" Chance & Stephanas Ramgattie of WeMAD
Additional Vocals by Karyce Phillips
Flipo - Sweat
Performed by Seamus "Flipo" Callender
Written by Jeremy Jacob & Seamus Callender
Additional Vocals by Jeremy Jacob
Destra - Breathe
Performed by Destra Garcia
Written by Akeem "Preedy" Chance & Stephanas Ramgattie of WeMAD, and Destra Garcia
All Songs Co-Written by- Kasey Phillips
Produced & Mixed by Precision Productions
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