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Rejuvenation. Buffy Hits Back With Big, New Single, Produced By Aaron Reason
After just about two years in observance mode, readying herself for her musical future, Chrystal Bellille, known best as Buffy, has signaled her return. The young entertainer who’s voice is now back in fit form, has unleashed a summer hit that comes complete with a video that delivers the perfect explanation for her lyrical rhyme.
“Wine Up Doll” is the artiste’s latest track. It was written collaboratively by Bellille and Trinidadian producer, Aaron Reason of OM Management, and hears the raspy-voiced entertainer vocalizing her ability to wine. Reason produced the single, which is already said to be making inroads overseas, being lapped up by foreign DJs and entertainment pros. Buffy is excited to be back in the spotlight. Complete with a video, which was directed by Creed Kool and PengCo Music and shot at Carlyle's on the Greens in Five Rivers, Trinidad, the new single has the ability to bring any female listening on, to their feet instantly.
The artiste says she plans to keep working on her music and admits to having faltered before, when it came to the promotion and marketing of her musical products. “I plan on marketing my stuff more this time around. I’m hitting the ground running and there’ll be no stopping me from here on in,” she said.
Bellille says she’ll be utilizing external songwriters, relying on several writers as she pushes forward with her mission to deliver the best musical products she can. Two years ago, the young entertainer had proven that she has what it takes to send young audiences wild. Back then, she wrote all of her music but now she says she understands that the versatility of other writers is necessary. Amid these thoughts, Bellille says she has big plans when it comes to collaborations for the very near future. “I have something I’m working on with a well known artiste who is loved by the females,” she laughed. She says she really wants to do something with female soca sensation, Denise Belfon, but that’s yet to be worked out.
Having been out of the spotlight for two years, Buffy says she’s learnt a very important lesson. “I’ve learnt that when you’re up everyone is with you but when you’re down, you’re on your own,” she said thoughtfully.
The new single is a step in the right direction for Buffy- this as she moves to re-establish herself at home and across the Caribbean. Buffy and Reason’s professional relationship is a pretty established one, since the pair worked together previously on a track called, “Planet X”. Reason says he plans on delivering a slate of hits in the upcoming carnival season with a number of local entertainers. He’s also working on new material for the Summer 2015 season, already. Buffy meanwhile says while carnival material is yet to be completed, she does have plans on delivering two new singles in time for the Greatest Show on Earth.
For more on the artiste, check her out on Twitter and Instagram @buffytheartiste and on Facebook, keyword Chrystal Buffy. 
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