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No stopping for Ravi B and Karma
After a successful Carnival 2014 in Trinidad and Tobago; Ravi B & Karma continued to represent Trinbago culture throughout the globe. They have graced many different cities breaking the barriers and spreading Chutney Soca Music. Immediately after Carnival, Karma performed in Orlando, New York City, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Texas and Guyana. The mega hits ‘Bread’ and ‘Breakway’ continue to thrill hearts everywhere. Karma’s energetic performances have never failed to deliver wherever they touch down.
Additionally, Ravi B; together with Nisha B, Gregory Ayuen and Karma are currently preparing to host the biggest Chutney Soca/ Bollywood Concert to be held at The York College of Performing Arts in New York City on Saturday 19th July, 2014. This concert type event will showcase the diversity of this powerhouse of entertainers and will be the first concert of its kind to be held at this venue.
On Saturday 26th July, the Chutney Superstar together with the dynamic Nisha B, the versatile Gregory Ayuen and their full band Karma will give Grenada a taste of true Trinbagonian culture as they headline the main event before Grenada Carnival with Megaforce Promotions. This powerhouse of entertainers will then charm Canada for Toronto Carnival (Caribana); from boat cruises during the week as it leads to the weekend where they will perform at Wild Water Kingdom, The Main Event at The International Centre, Chutney in the Park, Big People Fete and Soca Rave just to mention a few. The touring then continues with London, Minnesota, Baltimore and Miami Carnival before they head back to Trinidad for the auspicious festival of Divali.
Ravi B together with his musical accomplices Nisha B & Gregory Ayuen has already been copping a lot of
studio time in preparation for another thriving year which awaits!
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