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Rikki Jai and J-Vibe pioneering genre Chutney Reggae with new track I'm Sorry
An unlikely collaboration comes straight out of Trinidad as J-Vibe and Rikki Jai combine to produce "something that to our knowledge has never been done before" says J-Vibe. The track titled I'm sorry, detailing a very passionate apology for an unfaithful mistake on the part of a lover, is set to be released on March 31st. It’s a classic love ballad with a reflective indo mood and a tranquil afro vibe, mixed with a catchy soca feel.
I’m Sorry is a rich selection of culture, colliding in an exotic fusion of Chutney percussion and melody and the authentic Reggae one drop beat. Grammy nominated producer J-Vibe combines the swank of Jamaican culture with the multicultural synergy of record breaking six-time winner of the Chutney Soca Monarch, Rikki Jai. This track symbolizes a blend of Indo-Trinidadian heritage locked in a fashionably modern dance with the afro-Jamaican legacy that is embodied by reggae.
Released March 31st, the track features a myriad of culturally diverse sounds, for example the Indian Sitar played by Sharda Patessar and the Tablar played by Prashant Patessar. Coupled with the serene and profound harmonic sounds of background vocalists Vychalle Singh aka "Kid" from studio express, and Fiona Robinson this track is definitely a hit waiting to happen. These vocalists have worked with the likes of Jah Cure, Chronixx, Sizzla etc., and have contributed this experience to the overall production of this musical and cultural masterpiece
The track is the first of a tentative collaborative project involving producer Jason "J-Vibe" Farmer and Chutney Soca legend RikkiJai. “I recently did a reggae track with a local producer named Spine, Jason was the one to mix the track” RikkiJai explaining how the musical dialogue between the two began. “He then asked me if I wanted to do some work with him… that is when I told him I wanted to do a reggae track with an Indian touch to it and here we are”. The dynamic of the two is harmonious, and the musical product speaks for itself. The collaborative project according to RikkiJai should be completed and ready for release by summer and will be like nothing that has been heard before. This track will be made available for download upon release digitally on Amazon, iTunes and all major stores where music is sold digitally.
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