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Posted by Time2Lime
Chucky Gordon is 2014 Calypso Monarch
Calypso Monarch 2014 Results
1. Roderick "Chucky" Gordon - 'Wey Yuh Think"/"Wedding Of De Century"
2. Kurt Allen - "Sweet Sizzling Summer"/"The Lost Psalm Of King David"
3. Selvon "Mistah Shak" Noel - "Bois"/"Crime Round De Clock"
4. Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool - "Ah Miss De Bards"/"De Guest List"
5. Brian London - "The Heart Of A Warrior"/"Call Dem Out"
6. Victoria "Queen Victoria" Cooper - "Political Love Affair"/"Congo Warrior"
7. Alana Sinnette - "Sea Lots"/"And Calling It Rain"
8. Weston "Cro Cro" Rawlins - "Pious, Poor But Proud"/"Goodness Delayed"
9. Carlos "Skatie" James - "Calypso Woman"/"Jack And Jill"
10. Myron "The Incredible Myron B" Bruce - "One More Sip"/"First Black Prime Minister"
11. Eric "Pink Panther" Taylor - "De Richest Man"/"Not Tonight"
12. Roger "Bodyguard" Mohammed - "Aloes Vendor"/"False Papers"
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