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Posted by Time2Lime
World Premiere for Dr. Roger Henry’s “There was a man sent from God” at BP Marionettes’ Christmas Jubilee

- November 13th, 2013 -  Over their last two concert series, the faithful audiences of the BP Marionettes will have recognised a familiar face on stage among the choristers, but a new ficture behind the conductor’s stand. It has been longtime member Roger Henry, who made history last year alongside Richard Tang Yuk as the first local adjudicators of the Trinidad & Tobago Music Festival.

Long viewed as part of the Marionettes’ succession planning by Artistic & Musical Director Gretta Taylor, Henry returned to Trinidad last year after completing his doctorate in choral conducting in the United States, and has served as the Marionettes’ assistant musical director ever since.

One of the main themes of the BP Marionettes’ 50th anniversary celebrations, which began last July with the sold-out production of “Landmarks”, is that of looking back and looking forward. Integral to that are their new Children’s Choir, a new multi-generational executive team, and continuing their tradition of premiering and commissioning original local works, while introducing well-established international ones to local audiences.
A highlight of next month’s “Christmas Jubilee” (Thursday 5th – Sunday 8th December at Queen’s Hall) is the world premiere of “There Was a Man Sent From God”, an original piece written by Dr. Henry. He joins an illustrious group of local composers and arrangers who have dedicated work specifically for the BP Marionettes, including Desmond Waithe, the late Dr. John Havelock Nelson, Stewart Hylton Edwards, and Alma Pierre. The group also looks forward to premiering another of Henry’s compositions next year “I To the Hills” – a piece he dedicated to the choir for its 50th anniversary.
There Was a Man Sent From God”, just under six minutes long, is a contemplative choral rendering of 13 verses from the Book of John (“In the beginning was the Word…”). The piece is set for six-part choir with soprano and baritone soloists. The layers of the work weave around each other in an extensive tapestry of overlapping phrases. The clusters become richer and more complex as the piece builds to its climax at the text, “To them gave He power to become the sons of God.”
The piece premieres as part of the BP Marionettes’ “A Christmas Jubilee”. While early ticket bookings are already pouring in, tickets officially go on sale from members on Sunday 24thNovember ( or 790-1751), and at the Queen’s Hall Box Office from Monday 25th November (624-1284, 10am–6pm Monday–Saturday) at $150 open and$200 reserved. There is an early bird special of 10% off the opening night performance (Thursday 5th) on tickets bought by Sunday 1st December.
The series is supported by media partners Sweet 100.1FM, TalkCity 91.1FM, C-TV (of the Caribbean New Media Group, CNMG); by FLOW (Columbus Communications), on whose Local On Demand platform several of the Marionettes’ most popular concerts will soon be available, with all proceeds going to the Marionettes Property Fund; and by the Marionettes' title sponsor since 1972, BP Trinidad & Tobago (bpTT).

For more, visit the Marionettes on and their website at

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