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Posted by Time2Lime
Caribbean Pop/Rock Band Jenn&OneSixtySix Debuts New Single and Video, Secrets
Caribbean pop/rock bandJenn&OneSixtySix makes a splash with their debut single and video,"Secrets." The single from the Barbadian band was officially released on their Secrets EP, by U.S.-based label Cherokee Black Music, on March 25, 2013. The song and video continue to rack up rave reviews from critics and fans alike, as the collective brings their unique pop/rock flavor from the islands to the global audience.  

Formed in 2011, Jenn&OneSixtySix comprises of five members - Robyn "Jenn" Proverbs as lead vocalist, Garvie "Gar-V" Griffith on rhythm guitar/vocalist, Jermaine Harding on lead guitar/vocalist, Allan Lewis on bass guitar and Derk "Junior" Gillis on drums. Jenn&OneSixtySix is named after their lead singer and size (the square mileage) of Barbados. (See full press kit below.)

"Secrets" is a definitive pop/rock ballad that showcases Jenn's range and the musical talents of all band-members, lacing her stirring vocals over classic rock riffs. It was penned by Jenn and produced by Toby Armstrong of Hit Island Studios. The video was shot on location in Barbados in November 2012 and  was directed by Will C of fame. "Secrets"and their next single "Little Things" can both be heard on the soundtrack of the motion picture Doonby (released in early 2013), finding an audience for the band well-beyond Caribbean borders.

"A lot of my songs are based on personal experience, but I was inspired to write 'Secrets' after reading a piece of Harry Potter fan fiction," reveals

lead singer, Jenn. "'Secrets' is a song for anyone who has ever liked someone who their friends disapproved of, but still went ahead and became friends with them...and you know what, they turned out not to be so bad after all, just misunderstood. We all have secrets and sometimes we need someone to confide in."   


"Cherokee Black loves the flavor of music, from reggae, calypso, salsa, to pop/pock," states Jimmie WheelerCEO of Cherokee Black. "Our company wanted to express to the world that pop/rock talent is alive and very competitive in the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Seeing this band and their hunger for their dream drew me to them. I loved the passion and the newness that Jenn&OneSixtySix showed every time I visited."


Citing international Caribbean-born pop stars like Rihanna, Wheeler saysCherokee Black Music is just taking the opportunity to show the world that there is definitely talent still in the Caribbean. "We are not comparing Jenn&OneSixtySix to anyone; we are just giving them their own stage."The Cherokee Black brand believes in "creating music with a powerful meaning" and they are doing just that with this new #1 band,Jenn&OneSixtySix.


"Secrets" is now available on the Secrets EP on iTunesAmazon and all major digital retailers worldwide, from Cherokee Black Music. FollowJenn&OneSixtySix's rise to stardom at Please direct all management and media inquires to Cherokee Black Music
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