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Carnival Result
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Trinidad Carnival Results 2013
- Thursday February 14, 2013 - “Fantastic Friday” reigned over Machel Montano's "Float" in a stunning 511-to-56 over the two days of Carnival. Austin “SuperBlue” Lyons copped his 9th Road March title in what has been dubbed as one of the best comebacks in the history of Soca.
MacFarlane Carnival yet again was the winner of the Large Band of the Year title, now for a seventh consecutive time. Brian Mac Farlane has declared this would be his last time in the arena
2013 results are posted below. (Full Carnival Results available at
2013 Roadmarch Results
1. Superblue - Fantastic Friday (511 plays)
2. Machel Montano HD - Float (56)
2013 International Soca Monarch Results
Power Soca
1. Machel Montano / Superblue (Tie)
3. Benjai
4. Destra
Groovy Soca
1. Machel Montano
2. Iwer George
3. Blaxx
4. Ravi B
2013 Band of the Year (Large) Results
1. Mac Farlane Carnival
2. Ronnie & Caro
3. Trinidad All Stars
4. Showtime Trinidad
5. Paparazzi Carnival
6. Legacy
2013 Band of the Year (Medium) Results
1. Colors Fuh So
2. Wee International
3. Maurice Chevelier
4. K2K Alliance & Partners
5. Just Friends
6. Image Nation
7. Roam, The Mas Band
8. Genesis
2013 King of the Bands Results
1. Ted Eustace
2. Clyde Bascombe
3. Ronald Blaize
4. Radcliffe Forrester
5. Brian Chin
6. Christopher Saldenah
7. Patrick Roberts Jr.
8. Roland St. George
2013 Queen of the Bands Results
1. Kay Mason
2. Roxanne Omalo
3. Charmaine Enile
4. Cherry-Ann Valere
5. Liselle Fraunfelder
6. Abby Jarvis
7. Pamela Gordon
8. Avernall Johnson
9. Desiree Auguste
10. Juness Garcia
2013 Calypso Monarh Results
1. Eric "Pink Panther" Taylor - Travel Woes/Crying In The Chapel
2. Kurt Allen - Political Sin Phony/Black Stalin Say
3. Heather MacIntosh - The Old Man's Lament/Invisible
4. Roderick "Mr Chucky" Gordon - Bear With Me/The New Addiction
5. Karene Asche - Meh Pardna Ship/Eat Ah Food
6. Eunice Peters - None Of The Above/Keshorn D Javelin Champion
7. Duanne O'Connor - Building A Wall/ Seeking Sparrow's Advice
8. Alana Sinnette Khan - No Moral Authority/Pathological
9. Dr Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool - Prodigal Son/Virginia's Alzheimer
10. Kizzie Ruiz - In The Age Of Blog/T And T Forever
11. Marva "Marvelous Marva" Joseph - Come Back To What/Woman's Contribution To Trinidad And Tobago
12. Victoria "Queen Victoria" Cooper - D Betrayal/Club 34
2013 Panorama Results
1. Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove
2. Neal and Massy Trinidad All-Stars
3. BP Renegades
4. Republic Bank Exodus
5. Junior Sammy Group Skiffle
6. CAL Invaders & WITCO Desperadoes (TIE)
8. NLCB Fonclair & PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars (TIE)
10. RBC Redemption Sound Setters
2013 National Stickfighting Results
Gayelle Competition
1. Mafeking Manager - Rondel Benjamin
2. Moruga (St. Mary's) Manager - Leslie Ann Seemungal
3. Valiant Bros. Manager David Gunness
King of The Rock
1. Oniel Odle Valiant Bros. Gayelle
2. Selwyn John Rio Claro Gayelle
3. Evon Ralph Mafeking Gayelle
2013 Young King Calypso Monarch
Stephen Marcelle
2013 Soca Chutney Monarch
Raymond Ramnarine
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