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Posted by Time2Lime
OMI ‘Fireworks’ for Christmas!
- Monday December 10th, 2012 -
When Omar ‘OMI’ Pasley started penning the lyrics to what he referred to as ‘poetry from the heart’, little did he know that his book of prose would one day become musical hits that would make him into a star. One would hope that his writing skills never fade, because OMI, would have a hard shoe to fill if his follow up singles were any less catchy or captivating than “Cheerleader” or “All Threes” which have now become male and female anthems around the local party scene.
The reviews from musical critics are coming hard and fast, many indicating that the industry has longed to witness such ‘freshness and youthful energy’ from a Jamaican born singer. Many believed that the fashion forward OMI was inducted from ‘international soil’ but only to be stunned that the twenty something sensation hailed from Clarendon, and once thought that highway 2000 was the biggest accomplishment that would take him to his dream.
In a matter of weeks, the industry has witnessed his momentous journey to stardom from his viral introduction online, to his burgeoning performances on mainstream television and now his interactions and collaborations with musical legends. His latest ‘fireworks’ single is a phenomenal blend of ska, mento and pop, a concept that has not been experimented in reggae. Produced by his manager and image guru Clifton ‘Specialist’ Dillon, the track’s rhythm is magical. Dillon says, “When I heard the lyrics I immediately felt like a marriage between the old and the new could create the ‘rocket’ effect, so we tried a couple things and the rest is history.”
One that stays far from the conventional when it comes to music, Dillon explains that the industry has exhausted their options but fails to take away the good things from our musical history and marry them with the positive things from the industry today. “I decided to be a game changer, analog meets digital and creates ‘Fireworks’,” declares Dillon.
‘Fireworks’ features legendary Jamaican guitarist and composer Ernest ‘Ernie’ Ranglin, famed for his “scratching” guitar play found in nearly all ska music. Ranglin plays strings on this track and is accompanied by stalwart reggae musician Sly Dunbar and the youngest of the lot, Lamont ‘Monty’ Savory known for his distinct “electric strings”.
After months of preparation OMI’s newest single is set to hit the streets next week, just in time for Christmas. The video will be shot in coming weeks and released shortly after.
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