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Posted by Time2Lime
Tobago's Telecruz Kick Starts C2K13 With Soca of Caution for Drinkers
- Friday December December 7th, 2012 - Real. That’s the only word that could possibly describe the latest contribution coming out of Trinidad’s sister isle, Tobago. A single called, Doh Force The Driver sung by Tobago’s TeleCruz is making the rounds via video promotion online. The track was produced by Holy House Production’s Mr. Spine with mastering done by Madmen Productions and is being described as the real deal-an appropriate message ahead of the Carnival 2013 season.
TeleCruz is no stranger to the music scene in the Caribbean and he has made inroads onto international markets as well, having done work with foreign producers and musicians in the past. Annually, he makes his voice heard and his presence felt, delivering at least one single for the Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago. For 2013, the singer who also owns a cocktail bar called, Cruz Cocktail Bar and Bistro in Tobago, is delivering a song that he says is aimed at encouraging good sense to prevail when it comes to the issue of drinking and driving. “This isn’t a typical alcohol song. We all know we’re approaching the festive season-both Christmas and Carnival. The thing is, some of us just don’t understand that drinking and driving should not be a thought much less an act. What I’m encouraging in the song is a reaction from friends of persons holding the keys to vehicles after a good time and a few drinks. There must be a responsible person in the mix and that’s the person we want behind the wheel,” said the young music maker.
In recent years, there has been much talk about alcohol lyrics however Telecruz is of the firm belief that there’s nothing wrong with stating the facts. He says there must however be a positive message amid it all. “ We can’t just tell people to drink and get drunk. We need responsible actions after all is said and done. That’s what this song aspires to do- instill that thought that friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”
With a lot of music being released by artistes across the region ahead of T&T’s carnival, the Tobago entertainer is hoping that his very rhythmic contribution, which holds a positive message, will be given that chance he feels it deserves. “Even in the carnival, we need strong messages that could make people think. We need positivity even amid the wining, jamming and drinking. We don’t want any casualties in the upcoming festive period so I’m calling for the powers that be to play this song and feed the people with a thought that could make a difference,” he said.
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