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Ricardo Drue is Excited for the Future. Thanks The All Starz

A fresh outlook, a pivotal move; Soca artist, Ricardo Drue is proudly asserting himself as a mainstay to the Carnival energy, continuing on his mission to deliver great music, no matter what. This year, even as he stands solo, having exited the frontline of the All Starz band, Drue is driven to give the masses more than they ever expected.


“There’s something really special about this time of year. As usual, I’m excited. I’m on another part of my journey and it’s exhilarating,” said the young entertainer. On stage, Ricardo Drue stands in a class of his own. He commands his audience and delivers with top notch vocal execution. Over the years, songs like, ‘Vagabond’ and ‘Professional’ have moved crowds into a frenzy from Trinidad and Tobago where Drue grew up, to the US, London, Canada and of course, across the Caribbean.


This season, Ricardo has several tracks to his credit. ‘Round of Applause’, ‘Dem Crosses’ and ‘The Teacher’ with Grenada’s Lil Natty and Thunda, are just a few of them. “This season’s a pretty short one so I’m really gonna be taking it all in, enjoying the energy and trying to live in the moment whether on stage or off,” he said. Ricardo says as he matures, he understands that life’s journey isn’t always a straight, clear cut path. “I’m learning to accept the present moment and whatever it brings. I’m eternally grateful to my All Starz family. I learnt a lot over the years and I received so much exposure. It’s a start in the business, many dream of getting,” he admitted. Ricardo however says he’s ready to reach out and take what he wants in the Soca industry- make the leap of faith that he knows will solidify him as an individual entertainer. 



Focused and empowered by his new sense of personal freedom in an industry that’s seen him grow from strength to strength, Ricardo Drue is ready for Carnival 2020. With a lot to deliver this season, the artist is assuring fans and Soca music lovers in general, that he’s coming at them, ready and amped up to cause a stir.


For more on Ricardo Drue, follow him on Instagram @itsDrue and on Facebook, using his name, Ricardo Drue.

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