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Posted by Time2Lime
Road March Should be Chosen By The People. Caribbean E News Influencer Does Something About It

Even with less than two weeks to go before the Road March champion of Carnival 2019 is crowned in Trinidad and Tobago, one social influencer is adamant that the people of T&T- the masqueraders, should have all the say when it comes to the winner. 

Each year, there is undercurrent surrounding the topic of the Road March, many arguing that the ‘soca mafia’- whether real, disguised or otherwise, has the final say. With that, Google’s top ranked Caribbean entertainment news website, has come up with what it says is the most transparent campaign to dictate which song is truly the crowd favourite for the road. Via an online platform at, the entertainment news hub has been tabulating votes for several potential Road March winners. Among the songs are Destra Garcia’s ‘Stage Party’, Shurwayne Winchester’s ‘Come Back’, ‘Brave’ by Nailah Blackman, Erphaan Alves and Sekon Sta, Machel and Bunji’s ‘Famalaay’ and certainly a favourite, Kees’ ‘Savannah Grass’. 

The platform went live on Sunday, February 17th and has since been receiving votes by the hundreds, daily. “I think it’s a great method of assessing which song is the people’s favourite”, said newly recruited brand visionary, radio personality, Mr. Smooth of Boomchampions 94.1FM. He will be at Army Fete on Friday, with Ebuzztt where he’ll be a part of the visual dynamic of ‘D People’s Road March. “I’ll be trying to find out what the people out there want to hear on the road come Carnival Monday and Tuesday. I’ll even be asking the artistes as well, because many of them are true masqueraders too. We want to hear what they have to say!” he said with a laugh. 

The Road March race is definitely on in T&T, this as Carnival 2019 climaxes. There is still no clear winner - a pretty rare occurrence that makes it abundantly clear that Power Soca is back in fill force, and with full effect. Log on to to vote, today.

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