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Posted by Time2Lime
Soca Monarch Fever


It's that time of year again. The International Soca Monarch music event is once again whirling through Trinidad and Tobago with the exuberant fury of a thousand jubilant hurricanes. By now we have reached the finals of another splendid year of soca displays, having just bore witness to an earth-shattering semi-final bracket. Since 1993, the International Soca Monarch has been a focal point for Trinidadian music culture, making potential winners of the competition privy to a windfall of status and financial gain. Winning the Soca Monarch has been a coveted prize in the national music scene, necessitating a closer look at some of this years potential victors.


On the hometown front, breakout artists Tizzy Sebastian and Ricardo Drue fought their way through a grueling semifinal round and into the finals of this years competition. In a shrewd maneuver, Drue appealed to the social media sphere for additional support in his final battle. The hopeful musician showed incredible foresight as he detailed his plan to utilize the capital and exposure gained from the competition, emphasizing his intent to use his newfound influence to bring a spotlight to the Antiguan music scene. Drue also showed impeccable class by uniting the hometown of both him and his opponent, urging them to show support for a victory by either candidate.


Aiming to bring prestige to his home city of St. Lucia, Teddyson John blew the roof off the Arima Velodrome with a rousing rendition of his recent hit single, "No Code". This awe-inspiring performance propelled TJ to the final round this past Sunday, setting expectations at an all-time high in St. Lucia and beyond. Once the finalists were announced, TJ immediately gave his thanks and blessings to his hometown, assuring them that they were always on his mind as he strove through each round. The star in the making also gave a special shout out to his brother Ricky T, who had made it to the semi-finals alongside him.


Raring to prove that the past years victory wasn't a fluke, reigning champ Voice has returned to the finals of yet another International Soca Monarch. After handily snatching the win with an 

impassioned performance of "Cheers To Life", Voice must now pull of the back-to-back victory of a lifetime. Like any ISM, the competition is fierce and the stakes are high, but it would still be foolish to so easily discount the reigning champ. Only time will tell if two consecutive trophies are waiting in the future.


So what now? It would appear that there is nothing left to do but join the salivating masses, splayed in anticipation on couches across the country. With the final round of performances looming on February 24th, the pressure has never been heavier. Time will inevitably slow, and the tension will build until the Arima Velodrome overflows in a torrent of sound and sight. What a glorious deluge it will be, and what a delicious anticipation it is. The ISM has truly outdone themselves with this year's finals.


article by Robert Callahan

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