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MyLimeRadio DJ inVINCEable international nominated for the 2016 International Soca Dj of the Year Award

The International Soca Awards has recognized Soca music from around the world for the past 13 years and is the only award ceremony dedicated entirely to Calypso, Chutney and Soca. This year inVINCEable international has been nominated for the 2016 International Soca Dj of the Year Award along side some great Djs in the Soca world 


Vince Gobind, aka inVINCEable International, has been in the business for 21 years. A university graduate, he used his talents to fund his degree. Vince's experience has led him throughout North America, to Europe, and to where his heart is: the Caribbean. From corporate events to private functions, to major fetes, large street parades, Internet streaming and even live radio in Trinidad, the USA and in Canada, his skills has electrified large and diverse audiences. Vince has played “on de road” since 2003 in Trinidad for the Junior Carnival, J'ouvert, Carnival Monday, and Carnival Tuesday. He has played music for bands like Trini Revellers, Harvard Revellers, Trevor Wallace, 2 Hai Qua, Peddle Mas, Chris Humphries, Chocolate City, and Cocoa Devils. Vince has also deejayed Carnival parades in Miami and New York, and in England. In Canada, the list is even more extensive, and has included Barrie’s Caribfest, Vaughan’s CariVaughan, Durham Caribbean Festival, Hamilton Carnival, and Kiddies Carnival (Toronto). One of his major events is the Toronto Caribbean Carnival (Caribana) where he plays for one of the largest and most decorated Toronto Mas Band. inVINCEable has played for crowds as small as 50 people at private functions to crowds as large as 40,000 at major fetes. Some notable fetes that inVINCEable has had the privilege of deejaying in Trinidad include Customs Fete, CAREC All-Inclusive, Rotary Fete, AnyHowers, Over The Hill Boys, Pooltopia, Insomnia, Soca For U, Pure Bachannal, East Grove Sisters All-Inclusive, Sweetness to the Bone, Ice Picks and Paragon Fete. Vince has also played on boat cruises through the years, as well as numerous private functions throughout Trinidad and Tobago. A few of the corporate Carnival functions that he has had the pleasure of deejaying include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, T&TEC, Mega Insurance, Algico, TTMF and BWIA Credit Union. Vince has also started his own annual fete for Trinidad Carnival: S.U.D.S - Soca Under D Sun. With a successful inaugural debut in 2016, he accomplished a feat that no other “Canadian” DJ has done in the recent past. Additionally, Vince has had the honour of playing alongside some of Trinidad's greatest calypso legends, including The Mighty Sparrow, Crazy, Shadow, Black Stalin, Calypso Rose, Roy Cape, Explainer, and Baron. He has also played for soca icons like Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, Shurwayne Winchester, Destra Garcia, Fay-Ann Lyons, Denise Belfon, Blaxx, and Patrice Roberts. One of the most momentous highlights in his deejaying career was being invited by the Mighty Sparrow to play at Sparrow’s Hideaway for the Nigerian President in 2004.

InVINCEable’s passion for soca has made him a pioneer in bringing Carnival to the world, through a different aspect. For the past 6 years he has combined deejaying and social media with his extensive resources. His pitch? “If you can’t be here for Carnival, inVINCEable is bringing Carnival to you!” As such, he has broadcasted live from a multitude of fetes and has been the first to broadcast from a moving DJ truck on the parade route, LIVE, from J'ouvert, Carnival Monday, and Carnival Tuesday, with real-time interaction through social media from the roads of Trinidad to different ends of the world. Experiencing Carnival live, Vince's online audience includes listeners from Spain, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, and all over the Caribbean! 


Vince is also the only DJ in Toronto to partner with Carib Brewery in Canada at various events, both Caribbean and non-Caribbean. Taking soca to many different communities in Canada, inVINCEable most recently introduced Carib and Soca to the annual Pride Parade, Labour Day Parade, and Labour movement across Canada. For the past 7 years, he has worked assiduously to bring one of Ontarios largest trade union into the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade and make its presence visible, something a large trade union has never done in the past. Vince has been praised for versatility; he can play everything from classic rock to soca, and sometimes even fuse them together, for a wide range of ages and ethnicities. He is respected and well-known for his deejaying ability throughout World. InVINCEable understands the difference between playing “on de road” and playing in a fete. He can play for different ethnicities in different countries, whether it's a venue or on the radio. He is one of the most adaptable deejays to ever grace a DJ booth! 

Being nominated along with the other great Djs in this category is simply an honour. Any support is appreciated, please vote at

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