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Posted by Time2Lime
New 2017 collaboration from Voice and Kerwin Du Bois - We Doh Play
While it may sound cliché' the fact remains that "Caribbean People Don't Play." We are overenthusiastic, rebellious and immensely passionate which creates a combustible environment for those unfamiliar. Many outsiders may consider our actions irrational and queer but their ignorance could never shake the culture that we have embraced so proudly. There is greatness that resonates in all Caribbean people and the proof is always in the way we do things.
In every attempt to share a piece of us there is an opportunity to encourage an onlooker to indulge with us. A taste of Caribbean flavor can change the palate of any unsuspecting non-Caribbean native.  A perfect example is the collaborating of talents. When names like Aaron "Voice" St Louis and Kerwin Du Bois are placed in the same sentence or better yet when their talents are combined, there are no games being played.
Both Voice and Kerwin have been touted by the masses as being two of the best vocalists and song writers in the Socasphere. Getting to the point of 'We Doh Play' did not occur miraculously but follows previous collaborations on "Too Real", "Love Up" and "Cheers To Life." Voice and Kerwin Du Bois are prepared to prove that there is history in every journey and there is future in every action. Their 2017 collaborative single is proof that they will not be phased and are willing to defend the culture that they love dearly.
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