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A Winner's Attitude She's Got. Tizzy Touches Down In Trinidad Ready To Pump
Antigua will be represented in Trinidad and Tobago in a major way as Carnival 2017 comes into focus. Already, Tizzy- the El-A-Kru front-liner has touched down in Trinidad and Tobago. She’s presently visiting the mecca of Carnival to hand deliver her music to the rulers of the airwaves. Her new single, ‘Pumpin Iron’, is by all accounts, a monster- one to watch out for.
For more than a decade, Tanzania ‘Tizzy’ Sebastian has intrigued audiences across the Caribbean and internationally, delivering her brand of Soca music, the best way she knows how- with unadulterated fun and Caribbean expression. From her physical attributes, which speak volumes, to her vocal ability, which is right up there with the likes of fellow female Soca heavyweights, Destra Garcia and Alison Hinds, Tizzy proves time and time again that she is not to be bypassed. From the moment she impressed Trinidad and Tobago with the hit single, ‘Expose’ in 2007, the Carnival loving masses knew and understood that she was a woman to watch. Fast-forward to 2016 and Tizzy remains as relevant as she did, over a decade ago.
The new track, ‘Pumpin Iron’ was written by Kamau Georges with production work put in by Stadic Rayne Christerfield for Redroom Productions. “It’s the kind of song that matches me perfectly,” admitted Sebastian with a laugh, recently. Like almost every entertainer, Tizzy admits that the performance of a track on stage becomes almost second nature when the concept behind the song is perfectly suited to the personality of the artiste. “I’m in the gym a lot and while there’s the double entendre that can’t be missed in this particular track, the fact that it’s got that gym instruction in there, is all me. I couldn’t have asked for a better concept,” she said. 
Several accolades to her name and an honest and free-spirited approach to the scene, the Antiguan beauty is revved up and ready to invade T&T in the season ahead. “I’ve been to many places; performed in France, Toronto, Belgium, Calgary, Beijing and across the Caribbean, but Trinidad and Tobago is a special place. When the people feel your music here, there’s no doubt that that acceptance will transcend to every other country you touch. It’s the reason why everyone wants to be loved in Trini,” she said.
Tizzy’s made it to the finals of Trinidad and Tobago’s International Soca Monarch finals twice- a major achievement for her. Her plan stepping into the lion’s den in 2017 is to enjoy every minute of the experience- taking no encounter for granted and sharing each moment with the people around the world who’ve been rooting for her from the very beginning- her die hard supporters. Via her social media platforms, all handled as Tizzy and El-A-Kru, the Antiguan beauty keeps her followers abreast of her every move, including those gym sessions where she’s often spotted ‘pumpin de iron.’
She departs Trinidad at the end of October and will return as the Greatest Show on Earth heats up after the Christmas season. 
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