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Posted by Time2Lime
K. Rich releases new 2017 Carnival single - Rude
Forget that prim and proper behaviour that keeps you under manners all year long; it's time to get RUDE for Carnival 2017! K. Rich is leaving behind all inhibitions in this playful offering,  guaranteed to make the ladies take a tack back this Carnival. It's an easy groove that'll seep into your waistline, with an authentic Caribbean rhythm from IslandShak Entertainment built on by Advokit Productions.
Cymbal Alexander, Kenneth Richards, Kit Israel and Elrico Hunte came together to supply the seductive lyrics, with a driving bassline performed by Rodney Alexander and an infectious rhythm guitar phrase strummed by Shadique Gil and Brent Williams.
For Carnival 2017, let all pretensions go. It's time to get RUDE!
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