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Lele empowers ladies for C2K17 - The word is Nah
Soca artiste LeLe is challenging women of all ages and backgrounds to take full control of who they allow into their space, with the release of her female empowering Carnival 2017 anthem "Nah".
The petite Cocoyea-born singer urges women to shut the door, once and for all, on men that mistreat and under appreciate them in her bouncy pop infused fete pleaser. The Advokit produced sing-along-track is already proving a hit among soca fans and has all the elements of a radio hit in the making.
LeLe, real name Shavon Leighanna David, says it's a message she feels strongly about as far too many women in T&T are in destructive relationships.
"As women we sometimes get caught up in twisted love affairs and for a number of reasons we desperately cling on to these unhealthy relationships. We need to love and respect ourselves enough to first recognize we are hurting ourselves and then have the strength to remove these elements from our lives and demand better, that's what 'Nah' is all about," said David.
LeLe's vocal delivery is impeccable on the Emmanuel Rudder and Kit Israel written track, the same duo that delivered the mega hit "Ola" and the Kan Kan Riddim in 2015. She sings: I know you want to talk to meh/ But yuh can't step to meh/ And yuh can't handle meh/ So the word is Nah/ You know you can't play with meh/ Is you didn't stay with meh/ Yuh made yuh choice now you don't have meh/ So the word is Nah/ Oh Nah, nah, nah/ Don't think you could come back in my life/ Don't think you could get with me tonight.
LeLe, who signed with iJAM Incorporated Ltd in January, previously released music under the name Leighanna just over a decade ago. Soca fans will remember her singles "So Weak" and "Move That Way" a collaboration with Terry  Seales which both received heavy rotation on Tempo and Synergy TV and on radio in 2006.
"LeLe is a natural evolution for me. I've always remained close to music even when I wasn't recording and so I've grown a lot over the years. I can't wait to share that with soca fans across the world," she said of her second coming.
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