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The Soca Monarch Crown Is Anybodys At This Point, Says Ricardo Drue
From Barbados to St Lucia, Grenada, T&T, Jamaica and the US, the work being done by entertainer, Ricardo Drue is being applauded. His efforts over the past two years to become a solid force in the Soca industry, are paying off and he’s humbled by the response. In the lead up to the finals of this year’s International Soca Monarch competition in Trinidad and Tobago, the artiste says the stage is set for him to deliver one of his best performances, bar none, this season.
Drue will perform in position number 15 on Friday night, going up against a slate of competitors he deems, truly talented. He remains confident that his hard work will pay off. He has looked at himself, reviewed his performances at the countless events he’s performed at with and without the Roy Cape band that he calls family. “I couldn’t pay for the exposure Roy Cape has given me. Blaxx, Juiceman, Papi and the entire team has given me a solid platform to become the best artiste I can be. I’m humbled by what I’ve been afforded, as a member of that musical unit and that’s something I can never take for granted,” said Drue.
In recent weeks, Ricardo says he’s felt a tremendous amount of fan support. “Everywhere I go, people are walking up to me and commending me on my performances. It feels good to know that people are paying attention to what I’m doing,” he assessed, adding that he tries his best to never allow his energy levels to plummet when he’s on stage, something he feels has definitely worked this season.
Soca Monarch, still considered one of the biggest stages for any Soca artiste, Drue says he is thrilled to be a part of the international competition in 2016. “Despite the fact that some of the bigger names in the industry aren’t in the finals, I really feel the competition is stiff. There are artistes in the finals that truly understand how to execute- people like Shurwayne Winchester, Voice, Patrice Roberts, Blaxx, Farmer and reigning monarch, Olatunji. We can’t say for sure, what’s going to happen on Friday. We just can’t. It’s all going to reveal itself when the curtains are drawn I guess,” said Drue. Humbled by even the chance to perform at the competition, Ricardo says win, lose or draw, he’s happy. “I can’t begin to express the emotions I feel every time I hit the stage and stand before thousands to give them that musical part of me. It’s exhilarating but still, humbling. Being an entertainer carries a lot of weight. It’s a role I take really seriously. I want to see people always smiling when I’m on stage. That in itself is sometimes a challenge but it’s something great to want, something I won’t ever stop working on achieving,” said Drue.
Ricardo will perform BET on Fantastic Friday, a song he holds dear to his heart. The track was collaborately written by Emmanuel Rudder, Dale Ryan, Kit Israel and the artiste himself; It was produced by Mr. Roots for Wiz Records.  
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