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SW Storms Recipe For Being Forever Young
Wishes to be 'Forever Young' have probably been directed to many shooting stars while many prayers have echoed in the ears of the Gods. The search by any means necessary to obtain the ultimate anti-aging antidote has been mounted by many without much reward. Truth be told, the possibility of being 'Forever Young' is zero to none but one can only hope. The idea however is to indulge in environments and behaviours conducive for enjoyment.
Being a Trini, SW Storm has embraced the partying nature of Trinbagonians and Caribbean natives. In his most recent contribution to Trinibago's upcoming Carnival season, SW Storm reminds listeners that being 'Forever Young' is beyond physical. He paints a precise image for both old and young to indulge in culture. In this Groovy Soca contribution, SW Storm emphasizes the importance of living life to the fullest. With special elements such as liming, drinking and galavanting the picture should be clear as day, life is what we make it and there must be some time to play.
Written by SW Storm, his son Shane Valentine and Ossie Gurley and produced by OSS Productions, the melodic single which is accompanied by demanding brass lines would resonate with many. Storm is no stranger to Carnival and music and although based in North America he continues to embrace the elements of his land of birth that allow him to be 'Forever Young'; music, alcohol, food, family and culture, among others.
Having previously released two tracks titled 'Jadoo' and 'Cherry in she glass' which are both Chutney Soca and Parang Soca respectively, he is proving his cultural allegiance. He is also scheduled to release a Power Soca entitled 'Scatter' in coming weeks. It's quite clear, matter fact, it is quite understandable why Storm looks as youthful as ever and why his energy is always atmaximum...His involvement in all things Trinbagonian has made him 'Forever Young.'

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