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Terry Seales, Ziggy Rankin President leggo for C2K16
Soca, Reggae and Pop cross paths on the transatlantic journey that is the Leggo Riddim.
Local producer Jean-Paul "President" Douglas and Norwegian DJ/producer Jørn "Jam Solo" Hansen have combined to create a memorable piece of music that could be appreciated on both sides of the pond. Add to that smoothness of Terry Seales, the trademark raspy vocals of Ziggy Rankin and the swag of President himself and you have all the elements of a potential hit riddim.
"When I first heard the rhythm I immediately heard where elements needed to be added. When I played guitar on the track it took it to another level and that's what it's all about, continuously working to get the best creative product," Hansen said of the two-track project.
Seales and Ziggy Rankin have an immediate chemistry on the riddim's lead off track "Cyah Make". Written by Kenny Lue Chee Lip the song tells the story of escaping the daily stresses of work and freeing up in the carnival festivities.
"Every Trini knows that feeling, when you just say forget all the worries and problems, it's carnival," said Seales of the collaboration.
"From the moment I heard the song I knew I had to do it and then the riddim came along and it all came together perfectly. Having Ziggy on the project was the icing on the cake."
President, meanwhile, stepped out from behind the mixing board and into the booth to lay down vocals for "Bump & Grind". The track, co-written by President and Alex Durity, has a nice bounce to it and is already testing well with soca fans.
"I guess for me it was a natural progression producer to artiste. It felt like it was the right time and now it's just to see what the people have to say," he said.
Call in to your favourite radio stations to request the Leggo Riddim or log on to Terry Seales, Ziggy Rankin and President's social media pages for a personalized experience and more information.
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