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Starr George and Blaxx urge drinkers to designate
Before you crack the seal ensure there is a sober designated driver behind the wheel. That's the message from Starr George and Blaxx for Christmas 2015.
It's a message the duo endorse 100 proof. One they refuse to dilute, as they firmly believe it has to resonate in the chests of every driver this season.  "Every year we hear of tragedy around Christmas time. People are losing their lives senselessly because of drunk drivers.  It stops now, this year, and it will take all of us to ensure there is nothing to spoil the celebrations," an emotionally charged Starr George said of the project.
Starr George, real name Brandon George, said he took the song to longtime friend Blaxx, real name Dexter Stewart, who immediately agreed to collaborate. Veteran producer Richard "Char Su" Ahong sprinkled the final ingredients over the thought provoking virgin cocktail. "We don't want to get people to stop and think," said Blaxx of the Soca Parang project.
"We want them to act on it. To be reminded of the right course of action and to put things in place to ensure their own safety and the safety of the ones they love."
It's a message we can all get behind. A tune for all seasons. And with this in mind the duo have already begun preparing a soca remix of the song for Carnival 2016. Plans are also afoot for collaboration with road safety NGO Arrive Alive on the project. "This is our social responsibility as artistes to deliver messages that change lives. We have offered the music and our image rights to Arrive Alive to help promote road safety. And if in doing so we save just one life, then to me it was all worth the effort," George said.
Call in to your favourite radio stations to request Starr George and Blaxx's "Designate" or log on to their social media pages for a personalized experience and more information about how you could become a part of the Designate movement. 
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