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Twisted Mindz [Twis-ted-Mindz]

 Twisting or turning the minds of people to generate thoughts, feelings, ideas, knowledge and memories with music

So What is Twisted Mindz?

Twisted Mindz is a sound crew that reside in the east side of Toronto, Canada. The group was formed in 2004, when Twisted Mindz officially hit the industry and started performing for crowds. Since hitting the Toronto music scene they have been getting lots of love and respect from other sound crews and DJs. The group start out as a three man group but is now a two man duo. The members consist of Fly and Jay-T who have the talent to play music for any occasion. 

Since being in the industry Twisted Mindz has also been known as (Toronto's Insane Dj Duo) and uses a catchy phrase that you have to remember. " You know how we do all day everyday!" These two talented brothers have provided music for BBQ, Fashion Shows, Boat Cruises, Graduations, Clubs, Parties, Weddings, Corporate Events and Personal Events. They have also played music in various venues such as Captain John's (harbour boat & banquet facilities), York University, University of Toronto, Dazzling Lounge, Empire and Guvernment Entertainment complex.

What Has Twsited Mindz Accomplished?

Twisted Mindz has gained the respect of many sound crew and Djs across Toronto. They have also worked along side many Djs in Toronto such as Anju B, Black Prince, Madd Maxx, Starting From Scratch, Fire Kid Steenie, Lindo P and Soca Sweetness to name a few. Twisted Mindz was recently featured in the 2012 CANADIAN DJ SHOW presented by Pioneer and looks forward to what ever 2012 brings.

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