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How do I add my own items?
Simply click on your profile link, then select "edit my profile" and your items list will appear in the left column. Select the item type (ie. My News, My Music, My Videos etc), then select Create.
*Note: You must be logged in to post to the site. To create a profile go to

Why do my thumbnails have to be a specific size?
Specific image sizes are set to best appear in the websites design template. If you dont have image manipulation software like photoshop or photopaint you can find a free easy to use online tool at

How can I get my items featured?
Simply go to your item and click on the "REQUEST FEATURE AD" on the right. A MyLime representative will be in contact via email with 1 business day of your request to advise of pricing and approve your advertisement.

How do I download ringtones to my phone?
You must be logged into your MyLime Account to download from the site. Once logged in, download buttons will become available and you may click to download directly to your smartphone or first to a computer.

Why can’t I download the iPhone ringtones to my phone?
Apple formatted ringtones MUST be imported via iTunes to your IOS device. First download the M4R file to you computer, add it to your iTunes library and then simply drag it (from ringtones section) to your device.

I want to advertise? How do I do that?
To do so click on the AD REQUEST BUTTON to the right of your posted item and administrator will contact you to verify your request and approve. General sales inquiries can also be sent to

What is a Staff Pick? How is it selected?
MyLime.CA has several administrators that constantly monitor and review new content on a daily basis. Items are tagged "STAFF PICKS" by each individual staff member according to their taste and preference.

Do you have to be a member to download music?
YES! You MUST sign up for and account and be logged-in to enjoy downloading privileges of the available music and ringtones other members have posted.

How can I buy some of the music that I hear on the website?
Always be sure to click on the song thumbnail to view the full details.  Many songs will have a purchase link (ie. itunes etc.), and in some cases users that post will allow free downloads of their songs.

How do I submit my music?
You can sign-up/log-in to your account and post your own music under your profile. Alternatively you may email us your work for an administrator to post for you. Please email with your mp3 file and album art.  Also be sure to include your music's PRS information (writers, producers, label, etc) along with a note authorizing permission for our admin to post your work.

How can I format text content with pictures and rich text / Other users text is looking better than mine? 
You can easily edit your content using a free third party editor. Create your content exactly the way you wish and then copy and paste to your profile. Here is a handy FREE online tool

How can I prevent my email broadcasts from going to junk mail? 
Here is an online tool to help you test your email content before delivering it... Remember the lower your SPAM SCORE, to better chance of delivery.